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We dare to dream of a world where farming is synonymous with opportunity. We educate, engage and inspire people to create a vibrant farming sector in BC, one that nourishes and supports our natural environment and communities.

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Position Statements

Position Statements

BCAFM Position Statements

Defining "Local"

The BC Association of Farmers' Markets represents farmers’ markets throughout the province of British Columbia. We support BC farmers. The Association continues to endorse its make, bake or grow policy and all farm products must be raised or grown within British Columbia. Each farmers’ market is self-regulating in their definition of local. The consumer should expect transparency and have confidence in knowing the origin of their purchase of primary farm products at each individual farmers’ market throughout British Columbia.

Labeling of Organics at Farmers' Markets

The purpose of this position is to ensure consumers have confidence in the products they purchase at farmers’ markets.  If vendors use the term organic, it should be accompanied by a certificate from an organic certifying body, be posted at the vendor’s booth, and a copy held by the farmers’ market manager. There is no governing body to certify claims such as “no spray” or “untreated", therefore words implying a product is organic or organically grown are not acceptable.

Each market is encouraged to develop, share and be transparent in their own set of policies and guidelines around the labeling, signage, and use of the terms organic, no-spray etc.

Position on the Agricultural Land Reserve

The BCAFM is often asked to comment on applications for changes to the BC Agricultural Land Reserve. In general, the BCAFM supports British Columbia agriculture, farmers and farmers’ markets, but does not comment on individual ALR applications. 

Evaluating local agriculture is an ongoing process that requires detailed knowledge of each property, the surrounding area usage, soil types and other variables. The Association does not have the resources or the expertise to comment on or evaluate each application. 

We encourage the ALC, all levels of government and other public groups to work hard to maintain our agricultural land base, since removal of land from agricultural usage is usually a non-reversible action.