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We represent a community of individual markets, or as we see it, a community of difference. Each market reflects the uniqueness of the neighbourhood and the diversity of the community.


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March 2018
March 2018
Short Course: Farm Business Planning (Determining Production and Marketing Options)
 Various locations
Determining Production and Marketing Options
What you can grow and where you can sell it -- not to mention the price you can get for it -- are key aspects to consider in planning a farming enterprise. What you can grow depends on your climate, soil conditions, the start-up costs associated with certain types of production. Whether you can sell your product and the price you can get are key factors that will influence what you may grow. Webinar participants will learn the basics of Production Planning, including assessing their land capabilities, start-up costs and ongoing production costs. They will also learn the basic process of assessing their market to determine what they can sell and they price they can expect. Free!!