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We represent a community of individual markets, or as we see it, a community of difference. Each market reflects the uniqueness of the neighbourhood and the diversity of the community.


Farmers Appreciation Week 2015

Farmers Appreciation Week 2015


Farmers feed us! In Canada, they produce over 700 types of cheese, 150 kinds of potatoes, and are the largest producers of wild blueberries, lentils and flaxseed.

Join us September 12th-19th 2015, for the sixth annual Farmers Appreciation Week and celebrate BC farmers, agriculture and local food.

Let's Celebrate! September 12 - 19, 2015

Events are taking place at farmers' markets across BC in celebration of Farmers Appreciation Week 2015. Join in on the festivities at one of the many farmers' markets, including musical tributes, cake cuttings, farm displays and more!

Ode To A Farmer Poetry Contest

Thank you to all who submitted a poem!  We received 120 entries - a record for us! See below for the winning poems.  Congratulations to all!


Grand Prize and Vancouver, Coast & Mountain Regional Winner:
Ode to a Farmer, From his Love.
By Taylor Theodore
I see you out in the field day after day
I see you on the tractor plowing away
I see you early mornings before the sun is awake
I see you late nights praying for your plants to take
I see you hunched over pulling the weeds
I see you spray water for photosynthesis needs
I see you dance around while expecting the rain
I see you jumping for joy when that day finally came
I see you are proud to feed the people around town
I see you smile when they can’t put your produce down
I see you burst with joy when our kids want to help
I see you are patient when they tried to plant kelp
I see you year after year with a smile on your face
I see you not being able to live any other place
I see you healthy and happy farming away
I see you ecstatic for the crop grown today
I see you are grateful for everything in life
I see you are thankful that I stayed a farmer’s wife


Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Regional Winner:
Green is My Garden
By Bev Gentles

Green is my garden
And black are my hands,
All of this colour from sowing the land.
While corn is yellow and oh so sweet
Red are tomatoes as well as the beets.
Peas and beans and carrot tops
Show the bright green of some of the crops.
Potatoes(or spuds) as they are called
Will fill empty larders long past the fall,
Cabbage and cauliflower and broccoli too,
Helping the menu all winter through
When black is my garden
There is cooking to do!


Kootenay Rockies Regional Winner:
Ode To A Farmer
By Owen Morris

You can see him in the early morn
He watches the mist by daylight torn;
A steaming coffee in his hand,
He looks upon the cherished land.

There's much to do in labour's chore,
Ground to plow, raised beds to shore,
What to plant and where to seed,
Depending creatures to water and feed.

He bends his back into the task,
Sweat flows free over time creased mask;
His hands work hard the fertile ground,
He touches the life of all around.

The farmer toils the long day through
To fill the hunger in me and you;
It's not for riches, nor great wealth
But Earth contact, peace and health.

The farmer labours long each day,
To hold hunger's hands at bay;
His strength invested in the ground,
The return on tables gathered round.

The Land it has a hunger too....
But not for tillers of steel new,
Nor for pesticides and such;
The Land's hunger is....the farmer's touch.


Northern BC Regional Winner:
Home stead
By Eric Depenau
Generations have called this home
This land has built our families tome
Clearing timber and raising hay
Up from dawn untill the days grow grey

Building stables, cleaning coops
Cows grazing in drifting groups
Bailing hay tangled in colourful loops
Baking bread to dip in grandmas soups

Sowing seeds, tilling earth
A generouse harvest is given birth
More than pay this bountys worth
Our character is shaped by this familial turf

Joining our neighbour in work and play
Skin hardened under the summer rays
As our forefathers would gruffly say
No way I'd rather spend the days

Raising life with tender care
Something so precious, fragile and rare
This place and people my only prayer
The dream continues and with you we share

Thompson Okanagan Regional Winner:
farmer's ode
By Richard Frank Kozlowski
seeds in soil
sowing wild
winds in air
winding wide

fruits of labour
fruits of love
fields of harvest
fields of hope

grains in grass
growing green
break in breeze
blowing brave

faith of fathers
heart of mothers
help of daughters
hand of sons

rains in clouds
flowing creeks
flowers in bloom
nursing buds

Vancouver Island Regional Winner:
By Shannon Reilly-Yael
Those strawberries you discovered and we made pilgrimage to
haunt me, scarlet orbs of sweetness conserved between the
footprints of giants, the tire-tracks of tractors framing them
like a cellar of rediscovered Van Goghs.
A discovery of archival significance.
They had grown there for hundreds of years, an ancient strain
about to be trampled by the machines and men come to dismantle
the abandoned farmhouse. You placed one on my tongue, small
and warm as a fresh fawn’s heart, and even without breaking the seal of its skin, I could taste the impeccable flavour of strawberry, imagine it like a recovered dream against my instilled sense of what other strawberries had only aspired to. My tongue
lingering slow against the smooth majesty of its flesh, I wept at fruit’s fulfillment, this flavour bestowed between buds of flesh. How different would be the world
were Eve’s stolen serenity this splendid strawberry surprised between her fingertips, unsurpassed remainder of that lost Eden about to be plundered.
I have since regarded all subsequent imposters of the strawberry with suspicious scorn. My tongue has retained an imprint of our shared secret as if I were a bear gone mad with the taste of blood, and I wander hungry for summer through forests and meadows, scanning each vista for this magic plant I know will heal me.
I am poised to catch its distant scent on a sunlit breeze and search for its source like a nymph drawn by the lilting song of her lover and when I arrive at the place that has drawn me home, I will become naked and bow unashamed before the field of my deepest bliss, and I will pinch protruding blossoms’ pollens blushing into fruit into a fragrant pile in my cupped palm. I will make my den among their blossoms, hammocked across entwined runners, strawberries piled bountiful on my naked navel, and I will think of you and wonder why we did not claw those plants from the very ground that summer and secretly plant them in sacred earth where we could meet in the moonlight to suck strawberry succulence from each other’s seeded tongues and tend together
this last patch of original



  • Grand prize winner - $150 gift certificate to the BCAFM member market of their choice
  • Regional winners* - $50 gift certificate to the BCAFM member market of their choice
  • Publicity through social and print media


Our judges this year are Tamara Leigh, Ronda Payne and Renee Sarojini Saklikar.

Judges selected their favourite poems based on:

  • Relevance to the theme (25%)
  • Judge's impression (25%)
  • Poetic structure (20%)
  • Spelling and grammar (15%)
  • Originality (15%)

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