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Market Management Certificate - Workshop Topics and Descriptions

Market Management Certificate - Workshop Topics and Descriptions

Webinars 1, 2 and Q&A: Market Management Best Practices

Topics to be covered:
            · Who Does What - Roles and Responsibilities
            · Leadership
            · Risk Management
            · Evaluation and Assessment
            · Planning
            · Day-To-Day Operations and Market Day Logistics
            · Policies, Procedures and Rules for your Market
            · Record Keeping

Webinar 1 (Thurs. Oct. 1, 2015;  12pm-1:30pm): Our program begins with an exploration of leadership and an examination on how to set clear guidelines about who is responsible for what on a team consisting of a board, a paid staff person and/or vendor volunteers. We'll explore setting up smooth protocols for day-to-day operations and market day, and we'll discuss the all-important policies and regulations that govern effectively-run farmers' markets.

Webinar 2 (Thurs. Oct. 15, 2015;  12pm-1:30pm): During our second webinar, we'll cover running a safe market (risk management), planning, evaluation and assessment, and discuss what records your market need to be keeping -- and how best to do that.

Webinar Q & A (Tues. Oct. 20, 2015;  12pm-1:30pm): This webinar is an opportunity for those who have follow-up questions for the facilitator and want feedback on the related topic.

Webinars 3, 4 and Q&A: Vendorship Series

Topics to be covered:
            · Vendor Issues
            · Vendor Recruitment and Retention
            · Vendors as Volunteers
            · Product and Vendor Mix
            · Dealing with Concerns about Competition
            · Product Verification
            · Communication and Conflict Resolution

Webinar 3 (Thurs. Nov. 5, 2015;  12pm-1:30pm): Vendors form the heart of every farmers' market. This webinar will focus on how to find and keep the best vendors for your specific market and we'll also discuss the heated topics of vendor competition and product mix.

Webinar 4 (Thurs. Nov. 19, 2015;  12pm-1:30pm): During this webinar, we'll discuss commonly-identified vendor issues, vendors as key volunteers, and how communication and conflict resolution skills can help teams thrive, even when vendor issues are complex or long-standing. We'll conclude with a brief look at product verification problems and solutions.

Webinar Q & A (Tues. Dec. 1, 2015;  12pm-1:30pm): This webinar is an opportunity for those who have follow-up questions for the facilitator and want feedback on the related topic.

Webinars 5, 6 and Q&A: Financial Sustainability, Fundraising, and Revenue Streams

Topics to be covered:
            · Running a Farmers' Market like a Business
            · Developing and Using a Budget
            · Money Mindset and Thinking like an Entrepreneur
            · Innovative Revenue Streams for your Farmers' Market
            · Creating your Financial Plan for the 2016 Season
            · Building Successful, Sustainable Partnerships and Sponsorships

Webinar 5 (Thurs. Jan. 14, 2016;  12pm-1:30pm): During this webinar, we'll discuss why it's important to view your farmers' market through an entrepreneurial, business lens and how to use a budget as an important planning tool. We'll look at the money mindset needed by great market leaders and discuss how to build successful, sustainable partnerships and sponsorships that will maintain a stream of revenue for you year after year.

Webinar 6 (Thurs. Jan. 28, 2016;  12pm-1:30pm): This presentation will focus on fresh perspectives on fundraising and funding your farmers' market. We'll discuss several innovative revenue streams you can explore and we'll conclude with ideas for developing your market's financial plan for the coming year.

Webinar Q & A (Tues. Feb. 2, 2016;  12pm-1:30pm): This webinar is an opportunity for those who have follow-up questions for the facilitator and want feedback on the related topic.

Webinar 7: Hot Button Legal Issues: NPO Tax Exemption, Social Enterprise & the BC Societies Act including Q&A

Webinar 7 (Thurs. Feb. 18, 2016;  12pm-2pm): with Margaret Mason LLB. In this webinar, you will learn about maintaining your tax exemption, the legal difference between employees and contractors, how treating employees as contractors can lead to dangerous personal liability issues for directors, why and how to comply with your constitution and bylaws, and how to properly conduct your AGM in compliance with your bylaws and governing legislation. The webinar will also go through important changes in the BC Societies Act that you will need to know as a charity, non-profit, and association. Bring all your questions related to legal issues for non-profits to this webinar!

In-Person Workshops

The following two-day workshops are mandatory for certification.  Participants can choose to take the in-person workshops either of the following two cities:
Day 1: Outreach
Topics to be covered:
            · Marketing and Branding of Your Farmers' Market
            · Community Engagement
            · Customer Service
            · Special Events and Project Management
            · Working with Volunteers
            · Customer Loyalty Programs

This day will be all about outreach, community engagement, volunteerism, customer loyalty programs, customer service and overall marketing and branding strategies that can help build a tremendous farmers' market. We'll explore best practises for developing programs and events that serve the needs of your vendors and your customers.

Day 2: Skills of Great Managers and Leaders
Topics to be covered:
            · Personal Qualities of great managers/leaders
            · Problem Solving
            · Decision Making
            · Working Smartly and Being Organized
            · Workplans and Planning Tools
            · Time Management

            · Networking
            · Tips for Working Successfully from a Home Office
            · Self-Care and Vocational Renewal

The final day of this certification program will focus on the personal skills and knowledge that separates good leaders from great ones. We'll also explore how working healthy and smart creates longevity and success, how to use your time effectively, and how to ensure the best outcomes for your farmers' market. We'll conclude the day with a celebration and the granting of program certificates.

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