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Farmers' Market Mentorship

Farmers' Market Mentorship

Farmer Vendors, Market Managers + Board Directors!

BCAFM is excited to announce the launch of our pilot Farmers' Market Mentorship Program, supported by the Vancity enviroFund. 

Over the coming months, this pilot program will offer a limited number of BC farmers, market managers/staff, and farmers' market board directors with one-on-one guidance, resources and networks to overcome challenges, achieve business goals and success at your farmers' markets.

Want to be Mentored? 

Applications to participate in the Mentorship Program will be open soon!  Email info@bcfarmersmarket.org to be notified of updates.

Seeking Mentors

We are seeking experienced.......
  • Farmer Vendors
  • Farmers' Market Managers or Executive Directors
  • Farmers' Market Board Directors
who are eager and prepared to share their experience, and develop a supportive relationship with a mentee seeking guidance in the same field of work. Mentors and mentees will be paired up to match appropriate experience (considering specifics such as regional context, farming practices, market size, and governance structure) as much as possible. 


Mentors who meet program requirements will be provided with an honorarium up to a maximum of $450 honorarium (for each mentoring relationship.)


Commitment, Expectations + Timeline

Mentors will be asked to...
  • Provide approximately 15-20 hours of mentorship from December 2017 - April 2018 
  • Meet with their mentee at least once every 2 weeks (by phone, online or in-person)
  • Set goals and a schedule for regular check-ins with mentees
  • Create one written summary, outlining lessons learned and a list of favourite resources

Apply or Refer a Mentor

If you would like to be a mentor yourself or recommend someone else, please send the following information to georgia@bcfarmersmarket.org and we will reach out to request additional information: 
  • Name, contact information (if referring someone)
  • A short paragraph describing lived experience and/or qualifications
  • Area/s of mentorship
    • Farmer Vendors
    • Farmers' Market Managers or Executive Directors
    • Farmers' Market Board Directors

Thank You to Our Project Funder