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Farmers' markets are quintessentially grassroots – they started from the ground up with people coming together to form a collective based on common interest, passion, and a desire to enjoy locally sourced food.


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Vendor Insurance Program

Vendor Insurance Program

Note: You must be pre-approved by Western Financial before paying the BCAFM Vendor Associate Fee.

The BC Association of Farmers' Markets Vendor Insurance Program is designed to help vendors protect and grow their business, while strengthening B.C. farmers' markets.

By becoming a BCAFM Vendor Associate you'll receive access to our group insurance rate on Commercial General Liability, with annual premiums starting at $160.00, with a $5 million Limit of Liability Protection. This exclusive program has been arranged by BCAFM in collaboration with Western Financial Group and covers these other sales channels: vendor sales, online sales within Canada, wholesales and etc.

Basic Eligibility

  • B.C. vendors selling within Canada only (farmers, crafters, artisans & small scale producers) are eligible to apply to the BCAFM Vendor Insurance Program. If you have ANY sales from outside of Canada you will not qualify for this program.
  • Vendors must make 80% of their income at a farmers' market, the other 20% can be from wholesale or other events.

*Unfortunately, vendors selling bars of soap (as a single product or as one of multiple products) are not eligible for the Vendor Insurance Program.

*If you are not approved for our Vendor Insurance Program, Western Financial Group has additional insurance options available to fill all your insurance needs, complying with farmers' market requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need vendor insurance and how will it benefit me?
What If? (Examples of what can happen at a market):

  • During a strong wind, a tent lifts into the air and hits and hurts a person or damages a parked vehicle
  • During a sale, a person slips while in your area and gets hurt
  • During a sale, a person knocks your table, the table falls and a patron is hurt
  • Someone gets sick or reacts to the product you are selling at the market
  • Someone breaks a tooth on your food
Am I covered?

If you have liability insurance to cover the market, then you could be covered.  If not, you would have to pay for the damages from your own pocket.  Some claim settlements can be quite large and you could lose your savings or even your home to cover the losses.

I want to sell at the market tomorrow. Can I be approved in time?

As long as you receive pre-approval from Western Financial and pay your BCAFM Vendor Associate Fee the policy can be done on the same day depending on the time you submit your pre-qualification questionnaire ( i.e.: If submitted in the morning, completion of the policy should be possible. If submitted in the late afternoon, same day service is not guaranteed but is definitely guaranteed by the next working day).

How are my premium rates determined?

The premiums start at $160.00 . There is a common expiry date of February 15th of each year.  You are allowed to do one market per day for this liability rate. If you do more than one market per day, each additional market can still be insured but the rate would be $25.00 for each additional market for the period of the policy (i.e. 2 markets on Saturdays would be a total of $175.00).

The policy is minimum retained. What that means is if you start the policy after February 15th, you will still be charged the $160.00 until February 15th and then the policy will be renewed for a full year. If you cancel the policy during the year, there is no refund of the premium. The policy must be paid at the time of approval.  Western Financial Group can also insure your product at home and can add other options to the policy - for an additional premium.

How to Join the BCAFM Vendor Insurance Program

Follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Call Western Financial Group for a Brief Pre-approval Discussion
  • Contact Gail Smook, Branch Manager, Western Financial Group. Reach her at:
    Ph: (780) 632-2004
    Toll Free Phone: 1 (855) 232-2004
    Email: bcfarmers.market@westernfg.ca

Step 2: Become a BCAFM Vendor Associate

Step 3: Email your BCAFM Vendor Associate payment receipt to Western Financial Group
Step 4: Fill in the Farmers's Market Vendor Questionnaire
  • Please complete the Farmers' Market Vendor Questionnaire and click "Submit" on the top right hand corner of the form. The form will be automatically and directly sent to Gail Smook at Western Financial Group for approval. If your computer does not support the fillable form, please save the form and email it to Gail Smook at bcfarmers.market@westernfg.ca

Step 5: Complete your insurance application with Western Financial Group
  • Upon receiving your emailed receipt, Gail will contact you to complete the application process and finalize your vendor insurance program enrolment.

*All insurance premiums for the Vendor Insurance Program must be remitted directly to Western Financial Group,in order for your coverage to be put into effect. All premiums are Minimum and Retained.

*The BC Association of Farmers' Markets and/or the markets, themselves, are not insurance brokers so please contact Gail Smook at Western Financial Group (Alberta office) using the information below. The Alberta branch of Western Financial Group is an experienced team of associates specializing in insurance for farmers' market vendors and can ensure the best customer service for vendors in the insurance program.

Gail Smook, CAIB
Branch Manager

Vegreville and Lac La Biche
Western Financial Group
4925 - 51 Avenue PO Box 457, Vegreville, AB T9C 1R6
Ph: (780) 632-2004      
Fax: (780) 632-4777
Toll Free Phone: 1 (855) 232-2004

Email: bcfarmers.market@westernfg.ca